What Sets Us Apart

Delivering Cutting-Edge Family Law Representation Since 1976

At Wisselman & Associates, we aim to provide compassionate care with a level of commitment that goes above and beyond what other family law firms provide. With more than 150 years of combined legal experience, we are determined to do whatever is necessary to help each of our clients. We remain extremely attentive to every need that arises throughout the process.

What You Can Expect from Our Attorneys

  • Provide an analysis of the facts of your case, the legal issues involved, and an assessment of your legal rights and obligations
  • Inform and advise you about the law in your jurisdiction, the legal process, as well as reasonable settlement possibilities
  • Deliver exceptional legal representation and negotiation on your behalf regarding all issues
  • Advise you about any risks in the process, including costs or rulings that might go against you
  • Respond to your calls and emails promptly and meet with you in the office to address your concerns
  • Refer you to other leading experts that might be helpful in your divorce or family law case
  • Make reasonable predictions about how the court might rule in your family law case if there is a trial, and whether a settlement before trial would be in your best interest
  • Reassure you and be empathetic regarding the emotional toll of the case- A good lawyer will keep you steady and ensure that you are not going through this alone.

Whether this means returning phone calls and emails immediately or informing our clients of case developments, we make sure to be accessible and prepared to resolve any concerns our clients may have. Strategically speaking, we aim to avoid expensive litigation by working out a resolution of issues whenever possible. This has gained us recognition as a leading firm from peers and clients alike.

Founded over 40 years ago, our firm was built on exemplary service and professional representation. We can offer the help you need.

Our Philosophy at Wisselman & Associates

We have a deep-rooted interest in helping our clients not just in the here and now but in the future as well. We work to protect them with whatever issues may arise in the future. At Wisselman & Associates, we treat your family as if it were our own.

Why Choose Wisselman & Associates?

  • We are backed by 150+ years of collective legal experience
  • We have represented thousands of family law cases
  • Recognized by our peers as leaders in the field
  • Four of our attorneys have been named to Super Lawyers®

Important Things to Know About Our Firm:

  • We are one of the largest matrimonial firms in New York State
  • Our goal is to offer the highest standards of professional legal services
  • All cases are monitored by Jerome Wisselman
  • All of our associates have a minimum of five and up to 25+ years of experience
  • We handle cases including mediation, traditional negotiation, litigation, and appeals
  • Our retainers are reasonable, and we offer payment plans upon request
  • We offer a free consultation – contact us today to schedule yours

At our firm, we work as a team with our own accountants, forensic experts, and investigators in high net worth cases. We have a large database of mental health professionals and make referrals for individual therapy, parent coordinators, addiction specialists, and family counseling.

Contact Our Long Island Divorce Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Allow us to help you through your divorce by protecting your rights and providing a compassionate approach to ease the stress of the difficult situation you are facing. Using "hands-on" tactics, our Long Island family law attorneys at Wisselman & Associates can work with you to make your goals a reality. We have dedicated ourselves to creating a firm that is a cut above the rest.

With our sophisticated knowledge in all areas of divorce, we are prepared to provide creative solutions to your case. Through hard work and a dedication to our clients' best interests, we are prepared to go the extra mile when you need us most. Please contact us today to schedule your first consultation with a Long Island divorce lawyer at our firm. We are waiting to hear from you.

Contact our firm today to arrange your free case evaluation. We are ready to assist you with your divorce or family law matter.