Presentations Given by Wisselman, Harounian & Associates

Matrimonial & Family Law: Understanding the Process in Plain English

Learn the anatomy of a matrimonial/family law matter, with an explanation of how events lead to legal action of separation and divorce, commencing proceedings, Court involvement, overview of custody and visitation, and the financial implications of divorce.

A Legal Perspective of Marital Issues Portrayed in American Film

A slightly different twist on understanding family law, with a viewing of selected clips of major films and discussion of the legal and mental health issues depicted. The effects of anger on settlement, cost of litigation, duration of proceedings and the emotional toll on the parties will be explored. Legal topics include domestic violence, the marital residence, marital standard of living and equitable distribution.

Women & Divorce: Don't Just Survive…You Can Thrive!

Going through a divorce is a difficult and confusing experience. However, women may face additional stress and turmoil as they sort through child custody and support and spousal support issues, especially if they left the work force to care for their child. In New York, women's divorce rights are taken very seriously. Discussion will review what to do if a woman feels that her rights are being challenged, or that she is unsure of her rights.

Father's Rights and the Right to Be with Your Child

Fathers' rights involves the parental rights and responsibilities all fathers have regarding their children. In New York, family law courts carefully weigh the best interests of the child when awarding custody, resulting in many cases where fathers have custody of their children. The factors determining custody, visitation and support will be discussed.

Cyberbullying and Bullying in the Schools – A Family Attorney Perspective

Learn about bullying in the schools, the legal and cultural response to bullying and the legal recourse that is now available to families with a child affected by bullying in a school, on the Internet or anywhere else. Attorney Lauren Chartan is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping families with this particular issue.

Legal and Financial Survival Guide for Divorce

Few things in life can change your financial outlook as much as a divorce proceeding. Being informed of the issues that affect your finances after a divorce can help you anticipate your future needs and resources. Discussion covers child and spousal support, asset classification, equitable distribution and negotiation.

Let's Get Down To Business… Law

Learn the legalities of starting a new business or supporting an ongoing enterprise. Discussion includes forming and filing for corporations, LLC's and partnerships, and preparation of shareholder or operating agreements, purchasing or leasing property, commercial litigation, arbitration and complex contractual matters.

The Art of Legal Negotiation in Every Day Contracts

Contracts come in all configurations, from signing a cell phone plan, securing a credit card, to leasing a car or purchasing an extended warranty. Whether verbal or written, protecting yourself in different contractual arrangements is paramount. Advice for entering into a contract, dispute resolution and termination of agreements will be covered.

Today's Savvy Teens Step up the Need for More Savvy Parents!

(Law Enforcement Doesn't Want to Hear You Say "Officer, I Didn't Know…")

Your child takes the road test, gets their license and then the worry begins! The laws are confusing, and while the kids are celebrating, you need to know what they're allowed to do to keep your family safe! Discussion covers DUI, DWI, Traffic Court and the POINT System and the "Social Host" law regarding serving alcohol in your home.

Prenuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements….Not just For the Wealthy

Years ago, prenuptial (premarital) agreements were rare, used primarily for Hollywood celebrities or the super wealthy. This legal protection can be compared to that of homeowners' insurance: Hopefully, you'll never need it, but if you do, you'll be glad it's in place. Learn about the many benefits of these agreements, from financial to health related.

Grandparents Rights and the Best Interests of the Child

A grandparent's role in their grandchild's life can be critical. Grandparents provide them with love, support, nurturing, and stability. New York courts recognize the importance of this bond and can act to grant grandparents custody or visitation rights under certain circumstances. A review of this process to protect the child's best interests is examined.

Attention Seniors: It's Not Just Location, Location, Location, its Planning, Planning, Planning

It is essential for individuals, married couples and business owners to prepare for the future and for the unexpected by creating a will, trust, durable power of attorney, health care proxy and living will. Business owners/partners and executives making retirement arrangements can take added steps to protect personal interests and family by preserving business assets. If you haven't reviewed your will lately, it is time to get updated information and ask questions.

Real Estate and Matrimonial Law

Many aspects of real estate become issues of contention in a divorce or separation. Ownership versus marital interest, occupancy of the marital residence, collection law and debtor law and more are discussed in detail.

Parental Alienation

The legal issues surrounding Parental Alienation are demonstrated via discussion of the Alec Baldwin case and an actual case handled by our firm, including statements from the attorneys, law guardian and forensic expert. Early intervention by a therapist (pre-divorce) and conflict resolution after the court decision are also covered.

All About Family Court

In certain serious situations, the State can remove children from their parents if they are being neglected or abused. In neglect proceedings, a parent may be required to first complete a form of rehabilitation before being reunited with the children. In some cases where a parent fails to complete rehabilitation, the State may seek to terminate parental rights. How does PINS work?

When Love Hurts… Domestic Violence Related to Divorce and Custody

Many issues relating to domestic abuse are discussed, including a legal definition of domestic violence, Who is affected, how can violence be recognized in a relationship? What is emotional abuse? What are the effects on the children? Why do victims stay in abusive relationships? What can be done to help the victim(s)?

Get the Scoop on the Jewish Get

What exactly is a Get, and whose responsibility is it to obtain a get? Who will benefit and how? Is a civil divorce sufficient? What if my spouse won't give me a get? Do my children have to be involved? We will discuss and answer any questions about this process.

Intrafamily Wiretapping

Parents embroiled in a custody dispute may be tempted to record the conversations between the other parent and the child to capture inappropriate comments made by that parent to the child to present such evidence in Court. However, under New York law such a recording would be criminal and potentially subject the parent to prosecution. We will explore other legal and effective ways to "capture" offensive comments, etc. so that they may be used at trial.

New Issues & Trends in Divorce Law – For Attorneys

Presentation and discussion on the pros and cons of mediation and litigation in family law, with update on new laws affecting child support, separate property and custody, and how a client's divorce case impacts other practice areas.

Workshops for Mental Health Professionals

These presentations are targeted to the Mental Health Community. Discussion focuses on the legal aspects of divorce and separation and child custody, domestic violence and abuse, forensic testing, testifying in court, disclosure of subpoenaed records, HIPAA, and mandated reporting and helping patients through court proceedings. Review of New York requirements for termination of parental rights, Family Court vs. Supreme Court jurisdiction, the role of Child Protective Services, appointment of law guardian for the child and representation for the mentally incapacitated parent.