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Since our establishment in 1976, Wisselman, Harounian & Associates has grown to become one of New York’s leading matrimonial law firms. In the last 40 years, we have earned endless public and professional accolades due to our compassionate legal counsel, innovative techniques, technical prowess, and a remarkable track record of successfully resolved cases. The exceptional legal services we provide includes impressive legal strategies that are customized to match the needs of our clients. We go the distance because we are committed to making a difference in our clients’ lives.

For Post Washington residents in need of legal counsel during any family, estate planning, business, or real estate law matter, they can count on our experienced team of lawyers at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates. We have honed our skills and tailored our practice to help individuals during their most trying times. We understand the complexities and legalities pertaining to these stressful areas of law, and we are confident in our ability to help you move forward in a timely, effective, and favorable manner.

From business formations to drafting contracts, our firm is equipped to handle all areas of business law. Whether you need assistance in commercial litigation, or you are drafting contracts, our Port Washington business law lawyers can provide you with accurate advice designed to keep your best interests in the forefront of our practice.

We can assist in real estate law, no matter if you need help buying or selling a home, or want to draw up the lease in a legally binding manner. Our firm has experienced many cases related to real estate law and litigation, and we are prepared to help you reach a positive outcome.

Our estate planning lawyers can effectively draft wills and trusts designed to protect your assets in the event that you are unable to make decisions. We can also advise you on how to go about guardianship and conservatorship. If you are ready to protect yourself, your future, and your family, contact Wisselman, Harounian & Associates today.

Quality Representation: Our Practice Areas

At our firm, our attorneys are experienced in every facet of family law, including:

You might think that family law revolves around divorce. While divorce is usually at the center of family law matters, there are a multitude of issues may or may not be related to the termination of a marriage. No matter what facet of family litigation you face, we understand that any legal issue related to your spouse, children, or relatives is difficult to endure.

If you have children, you and your former spouse must establish a child custody agreement. Every divorce is different. Depending on the circumstances of your separation, your child custody agreement may be a matter of your children's safety. In other situations, it may simply be emotionally difficult to face the reality that you will not see your children as you want.

No matter what your individual circumstances are, your children's well-being is the deciding factor behind your custody agreement - not your well-being or the wishes of your former spouse. Our attorneys at Wisselman, Harounian & Associates will fight aggressively for your children's safety and best interests. If you're facing a child custody battle or simply have questions, do not hesitate to call our office at any time.

Need to draft a prenuptial agreement?

If you are single but considering marriage, you and your future spouse may want to discuss prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two individuals that states what will happen to their belongings and financial assets if they get a divorce. With an experienced and high-quality attorney working with you and your future spouse, you can make an informed and educated decision about the future.

Many couples are afraid to talk about prenuptial agreements because they don't want to contemplate the possibility of getting a divorce. These are just ways to clarify situations in case something may happen, and they are designed to help you avoid conflict and prolonged legal proceedings.

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