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Are We Good Candidates for Divorce Mediation?

Authored By: Jordan Trager, Esq.

Mediation allows parties to resolve their marital dispute outside of the traditional courtroom setting. In mediation, both parties work together to identify problems and solutions. Mediation promotes cooperation and therefore reduces the emotional costs of resolving a divorce.

Good candidates for divorce mediation are parties who feel they are able to negotiate for themselves during the mediation process, who feel free to openly express their needs and concerns, and who respect and listen to the other party's opinions and interests.

Mediation allows the parties to freely express their opinions about the issues and the results that they want to achieve. Mediation is confidential and reaching an agreement is completely voluntary.

Mediation is less time consuming, less expensive, and less emotionally stressful. Mediation gives the parties more control over the outcome of their marital dispute, and therefore provides a fairer outcome for both of the parties.