Orders of Protection on Long Island

Great Neck Domestic Violence Lawyers

An order of protection is an order issued by a court of law that is designed to protect a person from harassment, abuse, violent acts, and verbal threats. These orders are available to anyone who feels they may be endangered by another person. In a divorce or family law context, orders of protection can safeguard people from further domestic violence situations.

An order of protection can be issued if a person is being threatening, abusive, or menacing toward another person. If a person has been subject to such abuse, he / she may seek an order of protection from the court. The person filing the order is called the "petitioner" and the person accommodating the terms of the order is called the "respondent."

There are two types of orders of protection. The first is called a "stay away" order. If a petitioner is granted a "stay away" order of protection, the respondent will not be allowed within a set vicinity of the petitioner. This means the respondent may not come near the petitioner's home, workplace, or even near the petitioner's family. The second type of order is called a "refrain-from" order. A refrain-from order makes it illegal for the respondent to threaten, harass, or abuse the petitioner. The respondent must refrain from this behavior, or he / she will face serious legal consequences.

Consequences for Violating an Order of Protection

If a respondent violates the terms of an order of protection, he / she faces imprisonment, contempt of court, and bias with regard to any family legal proceedings that may be underway. The legal consequences for violating an order of protection are serious. For this reason, it is in the respondent's best interest to comply with the order's terms and to conduct himself or herself accordingly.

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