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Visitation refers to the time that the "non-custodial" parent spends with his / her child. In New York, a parent has the legal right to spend quality time with his / her child even if the other parent is awarded sole physical custody. During the divorce proceedings, the terms of child custody and visitation are addressed by the court. At this time, the court will work with the parties and their attorneys to reach an agreement between both parents that outline the terms of the custody and visitation arrangements.

Parents should work together to decide on custody terms and a visitation schedule that is mutually agreeable. If the parties cannot agree, the court will hold a hearing and will decide custody and visitation terms for the parents. A parenting plan is an agreement between both parents that outlines the terms of the custody and visitation arrangements. Parents must work together to decide on a visitation schedule that is mutually agreeable. In some cases, the mother and father may create a parenting plan that also addresses decisions pertaining to the child's health, education, and general welfare.

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Problems with Arrangements

In some unfortunate cases, a parent's visitation rights may be challenged by the custodial parent, or even by the child. The custodial parent may not be willing to accommodate the visitation schedule, or the child may refuse to visit with the noncustodial parent. In these situations, it is in the best interest of the noncustodial parent to speak with a family law attorney.

By working with legal counsel, the noncustodial parent can help ensure their visitation rights are protected. A lawyer can also challenge the terms of the child custody arrangement if the custodial parent is noncompliant.

Grandparent Visitation Rights

Child visitation rights do not only extend to parents. The grandparents of children may have visitation rights as well. In many cases, the grandparents' role in the child's life is crucial. Grandparents provide grandchildren with love, support, nurturing, and stability. New York courts recognize the bond grandparents can have with their grandchildren and may act to preserve an existing bond by granting grandparents visitation rights under certain circumstances (such as the death of a parent or unjustified termination of a close relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren). This can also relate to other family visitations other than parents.

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