Modification of Child Custody

Modify Your Child Custody Arrangement

In the aftermath of a divorce, the agreement between two spouses that deals with child custody and visitation can be modified, if so decided by both parties. This decision to modify custody terms can be made without the court's approval. However, if one parent reneges on the modification agreement, then the other cannot enforce it unless backed by the formal decision of the court. That is why it is advisable to obtain the blessing of the court before entering into any agreements that address the specifics of child custody.

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In most cases, a child custody modification will only be granted if the requesting parent can prove a "substantial change in circumstances." Such changes can include:

  • Geographic relocation - If the custodial parent is planning a move that will significantly impact their child's life, this may be considered a change in circumstance that warrants a custody or visitation modification.
  • Change in lifestyle - Custody modifications can be obtained if a parent's lifestyle change is deemed to be potentially threatening or harming to the child. This can include taking a job that necessitates leaving the child home at night, or the parent beginning to drink heavily or take drugs.

Contact a Long Island family lawyer if you are involved in a child custody modification case and are in need of professional legal help.

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