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Client Wins Award Against Eric Aronson Ponzi Scheme

One might think that Eric Aronson is competing with Bernie Madoff for all the media attention about his Ponzi scheme. If you haven't seen the press about this, Eric Aronson had been released on bail in a $26 million Ponzi scheme when he drew the "Go Back to Jail….Directly to Jail" card for duping a California businessman out of $25,000. He promised favorable publicity to the businessman on the Dr. Oz show according to Robert Kessler at Newsday.

This is not the first go-around for Eric Aronson. Our firm represented a couple who were also duped by Eric Aronson in a scheme involving their investing in "ecologically friendly" products. Fortunately, this scheme was exposed and they won an award of $155,700 this past August. Apparently Eric Aronson hasn't learned his lesson….yet.

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