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A Very Special Day For a Whole Month: National Child Abuse Prevention Month

It seems like every time you turn around there is a day for something special.April 6 th was Drowsy Driver Awareness Day. This is certainly an important one if you are stuck driving next to a drowsy driver on a curvy road late at night. Today is April 12 th which is Be Kind to Lawyers Day. I bet if we took a vote in our office, this one is definitely very important. April 12 th is also National Licorice Day. I happen to love black licorice but I am not sure how critical this one is to the average person.

But you know how significant an issue is when an entire month is dedicated to it.The month of April is dedicated to National Child Abuse Prevention. According to childwelfare.gov, National Child Abuse Prevention Month is a time to raise awareness about child abuse and neglect and create strong communities to support children and families.

All aspects of child abuse need to be addressed and remedied.Maybe that's why they are dedicating a whole month to the cause. Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS) www.capsli.org in Roslyn, New York and its many committed volunteers have reached more than 500,000 Long Islanders with their "Prevention Through Education" Programs. They have a targeted bully prevention program to help students, parents and members of the community.

Last week we joined CAPS at their 26th annual Spring Luncheon where they honored their volunteers, staff and community members who all help prevent child abuse in different ways. Rosanna Scotto, the co-host of Good Day New York was honored for her work through the media on bullying, bullying prevention and child abuse. Spotlighting this important subject tends to remove the stigma and shame that is sometimes attached to these subjects. This ratified our commitment to continue to do our part to raise awareness and attack the epidemic problem of bullying and abuse.

Our involvement with CAPS started at the community level. It continues to grow through the legal workshops we provide for mental health professionals and also with our Legal Response to Bullying Support Group that we host on a complimentary basis for family members in our community.

I haven't peeked ahead to see what causes and celebrations are coming up ahead in May.Don't tell me, I like to be surprised.