Marriage Equality Act

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The Marriage Equality Act, signed into law on June 24, 2011 and going into effect 30 days after, allows same-sex couples to wed in the state of New York. However, the act also provides neutrality for clergy members who wish not to marry same-sex couples and for any religious or benevolent corporation to refuse to rent a venue for a wedding or reception. All of the traditional rights and privileges reserved for a different-sex marriage are now being granted to same-sex couples in New York, with the exception of federal benefits.

Understanding Same-Sex Family Law in Long Island

Due to the fact that marriage for same-sex couples was not granted until 2011, many of these couples have been forced to put off marriage until later in their lives, allowing them to build a career and a savings in the time being. As such, it is highly advised to all same-sex couples who wish to marry later this year or in the future to speak with a Long Island family lawyer. In the event that a divorce should occur, the attorney would have helped the couple with their marriage license, along with drafting prenuptial agreements between the two people.

While the state of New York recognizes marriage as a fundamental human right between different-sex and same-sex couples, the federal government does not give everyone this luxury. As such, there will be federal benefits that your future spouse will not be entitled to in a same-sex marriage, including Social Security benefits. To find out more about the Marriage Equality Act and to get help with a marriage license or divorce, please call Wisselman & Associates today.

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