High Net-Worth Divorce Options

Exploring Your Alternatives with Our Long Island Divorce Lawyers

High net-worth divorce cases involve unique and challenging legal matters that must be addressed on a case by case basis. At Wisselman & Associates., our Long Island divorce lawyers work diligently to address our clients' unique needs and goals, and to always protect their best interests. As part of this process, we work closely with clients to identify the most favorable approach to dissolving a marriage – especially when the marriage entails complex financial concerns and significant assets.

Our legal team is prepared to immediately review your case for free to determine which approach is best for you.


Mediation is an approach best suited to situations in which spouses are able to form an amicable legal separation and divorce agreement. Negotiations and arrangements can be made with the assistance of a mediator, who acts as a neutral third party. Complex issues pertaining to high net-worth divorces can also be fully addressed, including property division and family law issues concerning children. Benefits of mediation may include expedited separations and reduced expenses, among others.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce involves divorce settlements that are reached out of court. Unlike mediation where there is a neutral third party, collaborative divorce involves each party being represented by their own attorney. These lawyers will work independently with their clients and together with the other spouse and their representation to reach favorable arrangements in all aspects of a divorce. Given the complex financial issues in high net-worth divorces, comprehensive financial planning and settlements regarding asset and income are given their due attention. For collaborative divorce to be successful in a high net-worth case, both parties must be up front about assets, income, and producing the necessary documentation.

Divorce Litigation

Divorce litigation is a common approach to a high net-worth divorce. Although other options and alternatives offer benefits of expediting agreements and minimizing expenses, complicated financial situations and significant assets can make successful, amicable, and timely divorces challenging. Litigated divorce is generally used when divorce is contested and when spouses are unable to reach agreements concerning the division of assets and liabilities, alimony, and matters concerning children.

Personalized Assistance from Long Island Divorce Attorneys

Just as all individuals are unique, every marriage, family, and divorce is different. This is why our legal team takes the time to understand our clients, their situations, and what they want to achieve, as well as why we place an emphasis on exploring all options for high net-worth couples.

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