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How Do I Relocate After Obtaining Custody of My Children?, The Huffington Post
By Eyal Talassazan
July 2012

Divorced But Stuck Together, The Huffington Post
By Jacqueline Harounian

Must I Still Pay Child Support? NY Family Law Monthly
By Jerome Wisselman and Randall Malone
August 2011

Fathers Really Do Have Rights, The Huffington Post
Jacqueline Harounian May 2011

Responding to Bullying, NY Family Law Monthly
By Jerome A. Wisselman and Lauren Chartan, March 2011

Has The Bar Been Lowered For Child Support Modifications? The Suffolk Lawyer (SCBA newspaper)
By Lloyd Rosen, January 2011

How Does New York's No-Fault Law Impact Your Divorcing Patients?
September 2010

The Smart Divorce: How is it Possible to Save Money In New York Divorce Court?
August 2010

How Can a Custody Case be Lost in 7 Easy Steps?
March 2010

Pre Separation and Divorce Legal Clinic Opens, www.newsli.com
By Jacqueline Harounian - February 2010

Grandparents Legal Rights
January 2010

How to Succeed in a Relocation Case, NY Family Law Monthly
By Jerome A. Wisselman and Eyal Talassazan - January 2010

Divorce Attorney Applauds David Goldman Efforts, newsli.com
December 2009

Jon and Kate No Longer Make Eight, newsli.com
December 2009

The Smart Divorce-It May Be Mediation , www.newsli.com
By Lloyd Rosen - December 2009

Legal Answers for the Mental Health Community
October 2009

Congratulations to a Truly Super New York Super Lawyer
October 2009

National Grandparents Day Is Cause for a Real Celebration,
www.newsli.com By John Virdone - August 2009

From a Legal Prespective, How Can I Counsel Patients Contemplating a Divorce?
July 2009

Financial Options for Cash Strapped Seniors , www.newsli.com
By John Virdone - January 2009

Sometimes the Deadbeat Dad is a Mom , www.newsli.com
By Lloyd Rosen - January 2009

Family Law Firm Is Reaching Out to the Community , www.newsli.com
By Lloyd Rosen - January 2009

The Smart Divorce, www.newsli.com
By Jacqueline Harounian - January 2009

Raising the Bar: Balancing Professional and Personal Choices, www.theglasshammer.com,
By Jacqueline Harounian - January 2009

"Constructive Emancipation" New York Family Law Monthly
By Jerome A. Wisselman and Eyal Talassazan - August 2008

Intrafamily Wiretapping in New York Custody Disputes, Part 1, Part2
By: Jerome A. Wisselman and John Virdone - June 2006

Grandparent Custody, Part 1, Part2
By Jerome A. Wisselman and John Virdone - July 2005

Prenuptial Agreements Not Just For Millionaires Anymore
By: Jacqueline Harounian, ESQ.

When Love Hurts, Recognizing Domestic Violence, Long Island Woman
By: Jacqueline Harounian, Esq

Joint Custody: How It Is Defined In The Law and What It Means In Reality

By: Jacqueline Harounian, Esq

Articles (Interviewed/Contributed)

Two lawyers Offer Pro Bono Help to Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, examiner.com, April 2012

Long Island Now: Same-sex Couple Legal Seminar in Great Neck, Newsday, August 2011

Same Sex Marriages to be Fully Recognized by New York State, newsli.com,
June 2011

Can I Lose My Home Over Legal Fees, Newsday.com,
March 2011

Orders of Protection and Other Laws, Queens Courier,
October, 2010

"We Have Arrived", Long Island Jewish World,
October 2010

"Help and Hope for Immigrant Victims" article about domestic violence, Queens Courier,
October 2010

New York State Implements "No-Fault" Divorce, mandates interim spousal support" Karen Rubin, examiner.com - September 2010

As the Gosselins Head in Different Directions
NY Daily News
- July 2009

"Punishing Economy Makes Lawyers Out of Lay People"
Long Island Business News
- June 2009

"Lawyer Gives Back" Article, Queens Courier - February 2008

2007 Fortune 52 Long Island Women of Achievement, Long Island Press

New Regs Make It Easier to Modify Child Support, Long Island Business News Lloyd Rosen, contributor, June 2011

GN Lawyer Among Best: Magazine, The Great Neck News, Oct 8, 2010

Well-Deserved Recognition: Jacqueline Harounian Named
on NY SuperLawyers List 2010, newsli.com
, October 2010

Ask the Expert: Partner Needs Guardianship, Newsday
Jerome A. Wisselman, Contributor
- March 2009

Ask the Expert: To what is fiancé entitled?, Newsday
Derrick Rubin, Contributor
- October 2008

Ask The Expert: Tapping Ex-Spouse's Benefits, Newsday
Lloyd Rosen, Contributor
- February 2008

Articles of Interest

Panel Finds Child's Ties To Dad Would Erode in Move to Texas - New York Law Journal

"Newsday, Inside Long Island Business"

NEW YORK STATE BAR - "Divorce & Separation in New York"

SPLITSVILLE The Surprising History of Divorce in a Quintessentially American Suburb, NEWSWEEK

Public Appearances

Lloyd Rosen appears on Men’s Net to discuss Men’s Net divorce reform

Jerome Wisselman, and Jacqueline Harounian, were privileged to be interviewed on CBS News regarding the recent developments of the David Goldman case unfolding in Brazil, Part 1, Part 2

Jacqueline Harounian appears on Cablevision's Mens Net program to discuss Parental Alienation, Part 1 , Part 2, Part 3

Jerome Wisselman appears on MensNet to discuss prenuptial agreements, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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